We offer silylation of vials, vial inserts and small bottles. Unlike our competitors, we offer liquid sylilation (i.e., instead of gas) for superior performance in Mass Spec applications.

In 2003 the company expanded it service by offering instrument service and validation of high pressure liquid chromatography products, gas chromatographs and various other instruments found in the laboratory.

We service and maintain HPLC systems manufactured by Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu, Jasco, Varian, TSP, Akta and others. We also perform validation in accordance with standard (SOP) protocols using NIST-traceable standards. Call us and we'll be happy to discuss your service needs.

We are a distributor for the following:

Sonntek Research Lamps for HPLC Detectors:

Sonntek Reseach Lamp Guide

KNF Neuberger Laboratory Products include the following:

Laboratory Pumps & Equipment

- Rotary Evaporators

- Vacuum Pump Systems

- Chillers

- Diaphragm Liquid Dosing Pumps

- Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

- Vacuum Controllers

- Diaphragm Liquid Transfer Pumps

- Lab Pump Accessories


Clarity Chromatography Software